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Domaine des COMBIERS/Laurent SAVOYE

Laurent SAVOYE is a member of a disappearing breed : Beaujolais vignerons . He owns and cultivates 9 hectares in some of the steepest hillsides in the region It requires special resolve and ingenious methods to deal with these terroirs but Laurent is passionately attached to his vines and his calling and produces superlative Beaujolais villages and Fleurie with the unmistakable hallmark of all true Beaujolais : gulpability . The picture shows Laurent on his special tractor of which only 10 or so exist . NOTE the double rear wheels enabling the machine to navigate on otherwise inaccessible slopes . As virtually every task is manual including rubbing out double buds and taking off suckers , the viticulture is by extension sustainable . Yields are barely 2.5 tons per acre since the granitic soils are so poor .
The Domaine is tended manually and the fruit is entirely vinified at the Domaine . Trends and fashion may come and go but Laurent makes Beaujolais in the traditional way with hand picked fruit undergoing a “warm” but traditional maceration beaujolaise : the grapes are heated to 50°C for 12/24 hours to aid extraction of texture , aroma and colour . Afterwards fermentation lasts a standard 8 – 10 days giving blindingly quaffable , silky Beaujolais . He bottles in the Spring following the harvest after the wines have settled . Filtration when necessary is always gentle by kieselguhr . A glass of Fleurie served at midday with a few slices of local saucisson , was a revelation .

Beaujolais Villages “Elegance” : several different steep hillside plots on shallow granite facing east and south east in and around the hamlet of Vauxrenard on the western reach of Fleurie Average age was 50 years in 2011
A rush of violet and well defined mouthwatering palate with intensely pure fruit and clean refreshing length

Fleurie La Cadole Steep plot on hillside behind and to the west of Fleurie The actual origin is Montgenas and a cadole denotes the stone shelters in the midst of the vineyards A good number of the vines are over 100 years old The terroir is the typical well drained pink granite giving bouquets of iris and violet with sleek texture and silky tanins .

Michael Stephens Blog
Bouchon de vin de Bourgogne
When a conscientious grower cultivates a prime vineyard site and also has a solid grounding in methods of vinification and ageing wine, a more...
Cultivates a prime vineyard site and also has a solid grounding in methods of vinification and ageing wine, a more authentic, more character...
When a conscientious grower suroununding in methods of vinification and ageing wine, a more authentic, more characterful wine will result...


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